Thin-Film Outperforms Crystalline




STION Solar PanelsHigh Efficiency Thin-Film Solar Modules


Manufactured in the USA by a world class team with unmatched solar expertise in thin-film technology.  Stion is elevating solar technology to new heights.


Stion technology uses a revolutionary thin-film design featuring two stacked devices that enable broader and more effective light absorption.


By layering two different solar circuits, each one geared towards a different part of the light spectrum, the module can absorb far more energy than traditional panels.




High Efficiency

Advanced proprietary copper, indium, gallium, selenium, and sulfur (CIGS) thin-film technology yields high efficiency modules.


Superior Power Performance

Low temperature coefficient and excellent shade and debris tolerance provide outstanding energy delivery per watt.


Excellent High Temperature Performance
Lower than industry average temperature coefficient leads to increased power output at high temperatures.


Aesthetics and Design

Black design has virtually invisible cell lines that offer superior aesthetics. The black anodized aluminum frame is compatible with most racking systems. Convenient form factor enables easy installation and more modules per rack.


Long-term Reliability

Proven glass-glass package provides a robust design for installation in a variety of environments. Backed by a 10 year workmanship warranty and a 25 year limited power warranty.


Made in the USA

All of Stion’s modules are designed and manufactured in the United States under the highest quality standards.