I LOVE my solar panels! I haven’t paid an electric bill in months! I love having a credit each month instead of paying. It’s fun keeping track of things with the monitoring system on the computer too. We like when the “green” is more than the “red”. It’s like a game. When we are consuming too much, the kids run around the house shutting things off so they can watch the “red” go down. It’s great! I would definitely recommend solar panels to anyone.

Jenna E.
Austin, TX

Solar Direct did the full installation on a 6 kW system for our 4500 sq. ft. home. The installation process went quite smoothly but took a little longer than expected. The only hitch was that I needed to do an HOA approval that I was not expecting to do myself. However, the installation was well done. The rebate process from the City was timely, in fact, I received the rebate before making final payment to Solar Direct. Upon installation, I am very happy with the solar output. I am able to monitor its progress using the installed monitoring system… which is very cool. It shows that I am consistently generating about 30 kWh per day when the sun is shining. I have had a couple of winter months now with electric bills under $20. The system is maintenance free as far as I can tell. Solar Direct has been good at educating me and stayed in touch throughout the install process. The sales and install teams have been honest and open and always ready to answer my multitude of questions.

Austin, Texas

Around noon today, in the middle of winter, January 10, my electric meter was running backwards, feeding into the grid, not drawing from it, due to solar panels installed here by Solar Direct in July. My most recent electric bill was MINUS $1.78. The one before that was $2. In September it was $14. We have a two story, 3,000 square foot home. I am a conservationist, happy to be doing my part in reducing the need for more fossil fuel power plants. My association with Solar Direct office and supervisory staff has been most pleasant. The installers were highly professional and very productive as they had to work in a very hot attic and roof in July. I am available for contact by phone or e-mail by anyone who would like to know more about my experience.

Austin, TX

I want to thank you for providing our solar panels and the support you have given us through the process. You have always been supportive when I had questions or any issues. Each of the workers who have provided the installation were very capable and nice to work with. The one and only problem we had was immediately attended to and resolved. The power we are receiving from the panels has reduced my power bill by about 35-40 percent even though we were somewhat limited in how many panels we were allowed to place on the roof. At this rate I will likely see a complete return on my investment while living here for the next 3-5 years, plus when we do sell I am sure there will be added value to the house because of having this savings to offer to new owners. We were initially somewhat concerned about the appearance of the panels on the roof, but we have had neighbors who live close by surprised when they hear that we have the panels; they never even noticed them.

Austin, TX

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our solar system. We have been operational for just over 6 months now and have had no problems with the equipment at all. Our summer electric bills were lower by more than $150.00 per month. Our November, December, and January bills were all NEGATIVE; we generated more electricity than we used, even with the heater running. Our January bill just arrived, and it had a “Current Balance of -$3.93”, bringing our “Total Amount Due” to -$110.30! The credit balance will come in handy when our air conditioner starts up later this year.

Thanks to Solar Direct, we are reducing our carbon footprint and saving money too. I am still talking to our neighbor at the end of the street, trying to get him to reconsider a solar system. He was concerned about having to clean the panels on his two story house. I have never cleaned our panels and have not suffered any noticeable loss of electric generation. When I explain this to my neighbor, perhaps he will give you a call.

Warm regards,
Austin, Texas

As your pleased customers Sara and I would like to take this opportunity and thank you and Solar Direct for job well done in connection with Solar system installation on our new home. 
You did not disappoint! Everything my friends from Steiner Ranch (who had referred us to you) had said came to be true, the referral was very important to us and crucial deciding factor on which vendor we were going to proceed with.

1. All throughout the project people in your organization were very professional and customer focused.

2 Panel installation looks terrific, not conspicuous (as we requested) and very neat. We especially like not having any conduit running through our roof line.

3. People who did the roof/panel work were very neat and customer centric.

4. Your electricians too were equally customer centric and did a great job.

5. Austin Energy Inspector conducting final inspection noted that subcontractors Solar Direct uses are some of the better ones he works with. There were no deficiencies noted at the close of the inspection.

6. And finally, it was a pleasure working with you on our project.

We are now proud producers of Solar Power.

Your pleased customers,

Jan and Sara P.
Austin, TX

We were interested in solar panels for the long-term economic savings and the environmental benefit, but had a hard time justifying the cost. When we met David Kim and the Solar Direct team, they offered us panel options and cost options that made for a quick ROI and a cost effective decision to go solar. They were great to work with, and stayed engaged with us every step of the way. We’ve cut our electric bill in half, and are very happy that we worked with Solar Direct. We recommend them all the time to people who ask us about our solar energy system.

Brian & Rosie T.
Austin, TX

Solar Direct was GREAT!! I would give them my highest recommendation. They assisted with the rebates and made the whole thing painless. We are excited to be a solar generating company and doing our share for the environment. The costs were much lower than we expected and the workmanship was first rate. Their experience with newer and better technologies was also a plus. Let me know if you want to discuss my experience.

Scott Rockhill
Victory Packaging Corp.